Web Design Pricing

Web design prices, web design rates and web development costs can vary between providers and many people looking to have a website designed are confused as to what to look for.

If looking at quotes from two or more companies, be careful that you are comparing the same thing. There are an infinite number of ways to develop a website and different companies structure their pricing in different ways.

Of course if you are looking for a website, you want to get good value. Website design price is often structured around the time it takes an experienced designer to build something that will meet your goals and expectations.

We have fixed prices for web design, and always provide a quote before going ahead with work. We base a quote around a consultation with you on what is required. If you decide to add extra features, or expand the website, that is never a problem and we can provide additional web design at a daily or hourly rate. We like to be fully transparent and up front about our fees and consider them to be excellent value.

We have over 12 years of experience developing websites and can offer so much more than a simple installation of a template. Many web design companies are not able to grow with you when you require additional features and technical advice.

Great professional website design and search engine promotion takes a lot of time and experience. We try and keep our fees realistic and our website design prices as low as possible. Search engine promotion should be considered a marathon rather than a sprint. A short term plan is unrealistic today. Building a website in the right way is a good start, but this needs to be teamed with ongoing promotion and supported with great PR. Content creation is the best way to sustain a gradual and targeted climb for industry specific keywords today. We can help you with this and provide a service where we promote your site every month complete with full reporting.

Additional Costs During Development

I hope that this gives you a good idea of our web design rates and fees. We try and present clear and fair pricing for our professional services. Please contact us for a quote as ever web design project is different and costs can vary tremendously. The websites listed above are good examples of Digital Visual's typical web design costs.

Initial Setup Costs

Bespoke Development rates

Ongoing Costs

Managed Web Hosting rates

SEO Search Engine Promotion

Fixed Website Prices

We offer bespoke web design and programming. If you are after a small business website, this is very easy for us to achieve. We offer one page and two page website design with free hosting for the first year. We also offer consultation and advice for getting the best out of your online investment.

If you are looking for complex graphic design, custom coding, custom website development, and uniquely developed functions we can assist you. We are technically able to undertake web development at many levels, and will be quickly able to tell you if we are unable to fulfil what you are looking for. Please contact us for a consultation to discuss your needs.

If you just want cheap website design rates and you are not too concerned about quality then we are not for you. We build quality sites and hope to build a long term relationship with you as your business grows. Consider setting up a blogger website or facebook page for free.

Fixed Price Web design rates